Video marketing services

Actually building a brand can be challenging. It’s hard to create something distinctive that resonates with your audience and spreads like wildfire, but video is one of the best ways to do it. We look for creative ways to express the values of a brand effectively to their target audience through video marketing! Every new project we work on is outlined and developed with you to ensure every detail is to your liking.

Promos & Commercials

Our promos & commercials are customized to each brand's identity and characteristics. We consult with you in the beginning on the goals for the video, expectations, and creative ideas, so that we can go back and create something creatively brilliant, but best reflective of your brand. These videos are typically less than 2 minutes long, and start at $95, varying depending on what's needed to bring the video to life correctly.

Video Presentations

Video presentations are useful for those brands looking to take their teaching and engaging with customers on a digital level. We turn your presentation into a video for just $95, including recording your voiceover, and adding background music.

We also are able to create presentations from scratch, and then convert them to video. You give us an outline on what should be on each side, and we bring it to life to create a fun experience for anyone watching. This service starts at $135.

Interviews & Creative Video Projects

These creative projects are typically collaborative ventures we work on with other brands. These are videos over 2 minutes long. Common video projects we can create are: interviews, explainer videos for events & brands, research projects, blogs, and podcasts. The starting price on these videos are $125, and vary depending on the amount of work needed for the final product. Projects like these sometimes include, or involve, extensive research, photography, additional footage, and graphic design work.

Things to Remember:

We are not responsible for costs to secure studio space, if needed. Any expected additional services or costs that may arise will be discussed in the beginning.

Average turn around time on videos is 1-2 weeks, depending on the work required. Within this time, you'll receive a draft to review and request changes on.

We only provide the final product in MP4 format. This format is the most popular and easy accessible video format.

When you receive your draft, you have up to 48 hours to request changes. Afterwards, additional changes start at $25, if they are not errors created on our part.